Staircrawler t10

Staircrawler T10

T10 staircrawler enables people on wheelchair to overcome architectural barriers. T10 has been designed for disabled people to travel on stairs both simple and with landings, inside and outside the building. Staircrawler is recommended to use on wooden stairs with width 550mm and turn on landing 800mm. The maximum slope angle of stairs is much larger than stair climber with rubber tracks and it is 55 °. Staircrawler easily breaks down into two parts, making it portable and easy to pack it, for example in the trunk of a car and transported to another location.
The person accompanying that controls the stair climber does not have to put any effort, and user comfortably beats the stairs. T10 staircrawler is safe, ergonomic, reliable and makes life easier for people with disabilities.

Technical parameters of staircrawler T10
Type With wheels
Weight 31 kg
20 kg motor unit, 5 kg steering bar with backrest, 6 kg seat, armrests and footrests
Power supply 24 V, using a 3.5 Ah battery. The battery charge can be checked on a luminous indicator. The battery charger is included.
Speed 12 steps per minute
Reach 11 floors
Minimum step 140 mm
Maximum step 200 mm
Maximum gradient Max 55°
Load 120 kg
Minimum depth of landing 800 mm
Minimum stair width 550 mm
Controls Costant pressure type, placed on the steering bar
Handling The stairclimber can be dismantled in 6 parts without effort and it can be carried in a car trunk.
Safety and equipment Patented transmission
Delayed commands
Two mechanical, independent brakes
Electronic Key
Battery charge gauge
Battery charger
2 expandable arms
Footrest with depth adjustment