Stairclimbers are mobile devices to facilitate overcoming architectural barriers for people with disabilities. They used to move on all kind of stairs. Unlike other devices, stairclimbers could be transported to other place and used everywhere you want. Stairclimbers are small devices and could be easily transported in car trunk.
This form of assistance is dedicated to people with disabilities which, due to the inconvenience of place of residence, they cannot install an elevator or vertical platforms, as well as to all people who want to be certain that all kind of stairs in any place will not be a problem for them.

Technical parametres of stairclimber T09
Type With rubber tracks
Load 130 kg
Speed 5 m/min.
Reach 23 floors
Max. gradient 35°
Min. stairs width720 mm
Technical parameters of staircrawler T10
Type With wheels
Load 120 kg
Speed 12 steps per minute
Reach 11 floors
Max. gradient 55°
Min. stairs width550 mm