Home Lifts

Platform lifts are alternative versions for standard passenger lifts. Often they are called as a platform for the people with disabilities. The destiny of our platform lifts are not only private houses but also clinics and public buildings. They are used at low travel and were is small quantity of stops. Usually our home lifts are supplied with the glazing shaft structure surrounded by glass panels or full metal sheets. In this case there is no need to build additional lift shaft. Because these devices are manufactured in accord with the Machinery Directive, they are not subject to such strict rules as in the case standard lifts, and therefore required is minimal pit, headroom and overall shaft dimension.

Meta 250
Technical parameters of Home Lift META250
Purpose For people
Load 250 kg
Max. travel 14,6 m
Max. platform dimension 1100x1400 mm
Speed 0,15 m/s
Supply230V, 50Hz
Power1,50 kW
Meta 500
Technical parameters of Home Lift META500
Purpose For people
Load 500 kg
Max. travel 12 m
Max. latform dimension 1100x1800 mm
Speed 0,15 m/s
Supply230V, 50Hz
Power2,20 kW