Meta 250

Home Lift 250 inside building

Home lift Meta250 has been designed primarily for domestic use, but by fulfilment all the requirements for persons with disabilities, also with the minimum size of the cabin 1100x1400mm successfully it is used also in public buildings.

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Home Lift Meta 250

Home Lift Meta250 can be installed both in the shaft walled and provided with the construction of the glazing or solid panels. That solution raises the prestige and comfort of the building. There is many different ways of finishes interior design of the cabin. The device does not consume a lot of electricity, hydraulic drive motor power is only 1.5 kW. Meta250 is adapted to the load of 250 kg. Also, the size of the platform can be adapted to the individual solution. There is no rigid dimensions. Maximum cabin area is 1.54 m2 for the solution of the lateral piston. Maximum travel is above standard for this type of device and equal up to 14,6m.

Technical parameters of Home Lift META250
Purpose For people
Load 250 kg
Speed 0,15 m/s
Shaft Brick with at least one reinforced concrete wall
Steel structure – as an option
Pit Min. 150 mm
Headroom Min. 2500 mm
Travel Max. 14,6 m
Drive Hidraulic
Machine room Prefabricated box standing near the shaft, dimension about 500x320x1800 mm
Supply 230V, 50Hz
Motor power 1,5 kW
Operation Constant pressed buttons
Cabin Max. 1100×1400 mm
For lateral piston
Floor PVC
Ceiling Skinplate
Spot lighting
Doors Manual one-leaf
Full with or without small vision glass
Finish of cabin and doors Skinplate
Safety Electro valve
Doors lock
Safetty gear
Emergency descent
Emergency lighting
Additional options Shaft structure cladding by metal or glass panels
Cabin and doors in stainless steel finish
Panoramic doors
Access by key
Fire resistant doors REI 60/120
Panoramic cabin
Lower the standard headroom
Automatic doors