About us

Schodołaz t10Panoramic lift

We are the company that combines the knowledge of various specialized fields. So, we have created the good brand.
Our company provides lifting equipment such as passenger lifts, goods only lifts, service lifts, devices for people with disabilities, escalators, moving walkways and all components for various kind of lifts system.
We also offer huge variety of passenger lifts and goods lifts.
Feel free to contact our specialists, where you can receive professional assistance in the selection of the best possible equipment that meets both your needs and the functions which it is used.

Elevator Equipment Sp. z o.o.

ul. Śliwkowa 4, 31-982 Kraków, Poland

tel. 0048 12 643 80 23, fax. 0048 12 396 50 28

e-mail: biuro@elevator.pl